Increase Conversions
through experimentation

Eclipse is powered by experimentation. Research, iterative wins, humbling truths and unexpected facts that help us create experiences customers love.

Our science is designed by people, for people.

Meet our team of self-starting specialists, dedicated to optimising your customer experience. They’ll take care of conversion, so you can stay focused elsewhere.

Experts in UX, Experimentation, Design, Research and Project Management.
Offices across four wonderful cities; Ashford, Manchester, London and Wrocław.
Optimisation Specialists
Optimisation Developers
UX/UI Designers

The Eclipse Edge

The Eclipse Edge is our tried and tested method, created to deliver maximum impact, in minimum time.


Experiment. Minimise risk, maximise reward with fast-moving testing.


Delivery. Effortless optimisation with our dedicated project experts.


Growth. More impact from bolder tests.


Evidence. Fuelled by facts, not just feelings - this is real data-driven.

Why clients choose us as their CRO Partner

At Eclipse, we’ve built a reputation for delivering impressive results in conversion rate optimisation and experimentation. Our track record speaks volumes, with numerous success stories of clients who’ve seen significant boosts in their digital performance. From innovative A/B testing to advanced personalisation strategies, we’ve mastered the art of turning traffic into tangible results. We’ve tackled challenges across various industries, always bringing creative solutions and data-driven insights to the table. Our commitment to continuous improvement and proven methodologies means we don’t just meet targets—we set new benchmarks for success.

Our Track record

At Eclipse, our reputation in conversion rate optimisation and experimentation is stellar. Success stories across industries highlight our skill in turning traffic into tangible results through innovative A/B testing and personalisation. We tackle challenges with creative solutions and data-driven insights, consistently setting new benchmarks for success.

Results Orientated

Choosing Eclipse means partnering with a team focused on impactful CRO results. We dive deep into data, test and refine strategies, and ensure every experiment hits the mark. Our results-oriented approach turns insights into measurable growth, enhancing user experience and maximising conversions.

Our Culture

Eclipse thrives on innovation, collaboration, and a passion for CRO. Our diverse team, driven by curiosity and creativity, constantly explores new optimisation methods. We believe in teamwork and a client-first mindset, ensuring every project exceeds expectations and makes a real impact.