Powered by experimentation.

We refine customers’ virtual journeys through Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) to deliver better experiences and higher revenue.

Experts in UX, Experimentation, Design, Research and Project Management across four cities.
Experiments run across finance, travel, hospitality and ecommerce brands all over the world.
Innovative brands who saw double-digit revenue growth from conversion rate optimisation strategies designed by our team.

Technology continues to advance. Businesses continue to adapt. Competition continues to grow.

But you already knew that. Our approach? The Eclipse Edge


A scientific approach with people and brand in mind.


Intentional, methodical delivery - without the fluff.


Bigger experiments mean bigger opportunities.


All we do is justified with data.

Our best in show

CRO Retainer

What is it?

A comprehensive program with ongoing support designed to continuously enhance the performance of your website, digital assets and sales conversions.

Who’s it for?

Global brands across finance, travel, hospitality and ecommerce with a mindful approach to user experience and revenue growth.

Why a retainer?

Experimentation and improvement is iterative. The longer we collaborate together, the better results we create. That’s not even science, it’s math.

Our work is very scientific. Our relationships aren’t.

We have a theory it’s why people choose to work with us.

People Matter

Whether our team or clients, the authentic connections we build and nurture make all the difference for the work we create together.

Experiments Matter

We’re powered by experimentation. Research, iterative wins, humbling truths and unexpected facts that help guide us in the right direction.

Results Matter

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Theory doesn’t keep the lights on. Results do. They are the impact and proof in our pudding.