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CRO Consulting that fuels brand innovation.

Our consulting programmes look different for everyone. Everywhere from hyper-focused campaign CRO to brand-wide overhauls. We plug ourselves in at appropriate times to support growth, change and your latest big idea.

How does it work?

We work alongside your team to deliver expert guidance and strategies designed to help your teams reach specific goals, enhance brand activations, and refine the user experience.

Who’s it for?

Global brands across finance, travel, hospitality and ecommerce with a mindful approach to user experience and revenue growth who are looking for support without commitment.

Why Consulting?

Consulting can be a great way to introduce new marketing practices into your business. With support from specialists,  you’ll learn about the impact CRO can have on your revenue and brand.

CRO Consulting


We need to get to know you. Our discovery phase is a 3-week process of learning and understanding your business beyond the surface. We speak to people across teams and gather all the puzzle pieces to create a strategy that serves your business, clients and team.


Our clients aren’t sausages and this isn’t a factory. Because we work with diverse businesses, they all have different needs. Following the discovery phase our team will recommend steps that can be actioned to reach your goals. And then meticulous plan to make it happen.


This is how we move towards our goals and reach our destinations. Our consultants maintain momentum, fluidity and transparency throughout each project to ensure we deliver exceptional results. When you win, we win.

“Eclipse set a new bar for quality and they did it while delivering ahead of schedule.”
John Smith, P&O Ferries CEO
"Eclipse supercharged our testing to learn more, more quickly and ultimately hit our bottom line"
Sarah Curtis, P&O Cruises, Digital Director
"The team very much buy into and understand what we're trying to achieve and by doing that make our lives so much easier. Working with Eclipse has massively put CRO on the map for us, people in the business now understand how important CRO is for the business and the impact we can make."
James March, Post Office CRO Lead
"Working with Eclipse has been fantastic. It has saved time in development, avoided inconsistencies in output and means we can develop and deploy experiments faster allowing us to continually drive toward iterative improvements."
Gavin Atcheson, P&O Cruises Senior Digital Experience Manager
"When GDPR hit, it was panic stations. We were losing quite a bit of money online within our travel insurance products. We tested a number of different variants around this, and as a result, saved a quarter of a million pounds on the product alone. That's fantastic ROI impact from just one test, and that's from the teams research."
Mark Holgate, Post Office CRO Specialist

The people behind the promise

Our CRO experts exceed expectations across various disciplines which you’ll see in motion when working with us. This includes, but isn’t limited to: 

  • • Research
  • • Competitor Analysis
  • • Hypothesis Generation
  • • Data Analysis
  • • Analytics Audit
  • • Interviews / Surveys
  • • Effort vs. Impact Analysis
  • • Test Reporting
  • • User Research
  • • Strategy
  • • User Journey Mapping
  • • Project Management
  • • Strategic Insight
  • • Test Reporting
  • • UX Audit
  • • Personalisation

In good company

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