People MatterExperiments MatterResults Matter

Whether our team or clients, the authentic connections we build and nurture make all the difference for the work we create together.

We’re powered by experimentation. Research, iterative wins, humbling truths and unexpected facts that help guide us in the right direction.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Theory doesn’t keep the lights on. Results do. They are the impact and proof in our pudding.

We refine people’s virtual journey through experimentation.

Because we know it creates better experiences and higher revenue.

Testing ideas and methods to discover what makes people tick.

Because how can we know what works until we try?

Our answers need evidence.

Observation to collect the facts, reflection to combine them, research to explore them and experimentation to prove what works. Otherwise, it’s theory.

Theory doesn’t keep the lights on.
Results do.

This is science. Designed by people, for people.

Our approach?

The Eclipse Edge


A scientific approach with people and brand in mind.


Intentional, methodical delivery - without the fluff


Bigger experiments mean bigger opportunities.


All we do is justified with data.

The people behind the promise

Our CRO experts exceed expectations across various disciplines which you’ll see in motion when working with us. This includes, but isn’t limited to: 

  • • Research
  • • Competitor Analysis
  • • Hypothesis Generation
  • • Data Analysis
  • • Analytics Audit
  • • Interviews / Surveys
  • • Effort vs. Impact Analysis
  • • Test Reporting
  • • User Research
  • • Strategy
  • • User Journey Mapping
  • • Project Management
  • • Strategic Insight
  • • Test Reporting
  • • UX Audit
  • • Personalisation

Facts > Assumptions

Through theory, experimentation, design and strategy, we create experiences people love so they can ‘Check-Out’, ‘Sign Up’, and ‘Book Now’ with ease.

Trusted by the best