Wacoal are focused on digital and we’re with them every step of the way on their mission; to improve their brand online and make it much easier for their partners and customers to do business with them. Our rock-solid engineers upgraded their B2B site to the latest version of SAP Hybris with great success. We know it’s the things which seem simple that actually make a huge difference and when we enabled extended languages on the B2B site it almost instantly drove improved sales performance and higher customer satisfaction. Customers can now shop in English, French and German opening up whole new waves of possibility.

Using this stronger platform for growth we then turned our creative talents to developing their beautiful multi-brand, multi-country B2C sites. Our simple solutions to complex issues made it easy to create a beautiful brochure site potentially available for the whole world and by engineering this in a common framework we’ve made it easy to grow, with new and reusable optimized customer journeys and improved business tools Wacoal can now quickly create new international brands or roll out to new countries in future.