Wacoal EU Shipping

As an established eCommerce agency partner for Wacoal, we were trusted to be responsible for maintaining and innovating the Wacoal brand’s digital eCommerce sites based on SAP Commerce. Because of the impact of Brexit and the move further into Europe, it made sense to have a Warehouse based in the European Union to avoid the complexity in shipping and returns that Brexit brought and to improve the experience for customers based in mainland Europe.


We were advised about the idea to make things easier in late 2021 as we were finishing the development of the B2C Germany brand websites development.

The aim was to facilitate changes to the B2C brand websites and B2B ordering system to allow for orders to be fulfilled from either the UK or EU Warehouses depending on the geography of the customer.

We designed and build the necessary changes to the order management flow to provide data to their ERP system and to deploy the changes to the live websites.


We followed our usual process when understanding client requirements.

Requirements gathering workshops, analysis and refinement of the requirements to form a specification that then gets designed and built. Once built and tested it is deployed to the production websites.

As is often the case, unclear requirements at the start became clear as we helped refine through facilitating workshops between Wacoal and their 3rd parties to reach a better understanding of what changes were needed and by whom in order to make the transition from UK to EU successful.

Code was developed in line with original estimates, a seamless deployment, managed to time and without any issues reported in post-deployment testing by Wacoal. It worked as planned.

Shipping to Europe from the UK whilst they had an EU warehouse ready but unable to ship goods was costing Wacoal around £60K A Month in cost, which disappeared once the switch was made.


External changes can often drive major complexity for a business and what can start as a way to make it easier for the business to operate can lead to an enhanced experience for the customer.

Brexit forced a lot of businesses to make hard decisions, with some choosing to no longer sell into Europe and some EU businesses no longer selling into the UK. Wacoal had and still has long-term plans to continue to grow the offering across mainland Europe and simply stopping was not an option. The decision to have a warehouse based in the EU and to then direct orders to either the UK or EU warehouse depending on the geography of the customer makes for an exceptional customer experience. Not only that, it took a considerable amount of cost out of the business. How can that not be the perfect ending?

If you’re facing or are likely to face a similar situation, come talk to us. We’ve already met the challenge head-on with great success once and we can do the same again for your business.