We were approached by V1CE to help optimise the user experience and conversion rate on their e-commerce site. V1CE has grown rapidly in the last few years and although their product range has expanded and diversified, they have built that growth on several core USPs. The aim of the project was to increase conversion by highlighting those USPs, while also simplifying the user journeys to checkout.


We like to kick off all our projects with a discovery phase. We started with a design and data audit to set a baseline for the site. This involved mapping all the potential user journeys and identifying areas for improvement in user experience, design consistency and accessibility. One of the quick wins we identified here was one of the best-performing experiments. By removing a duplicate button in the mobile cart, we saw a 10.14% uplift in revenue with 7.33% more visits to the checkout.

As part of the data audit, we inspected the existing tech stack to ensure we captured enough of the right user data to make informed decisions. Although the project had a limited 6-month timeline, we were able to incorporate a shortened user testing phase. This involved face-to-face sessions with users, where we set a task and recorded their behaviour as they worked their way through the site. We wrapped up the discovery and testing phase with a playback session with V1CE to present our recommendations for improvement and areas of focus. This helped set the direction for the project.


One of the areas of focus V1CE highlighted was the homepage. It can be a challenge to measure uplift in conversion this far away from the checkout. We proposed a simplified design with a focus on clearer calls to action, that helped steer users towards product pages. We broke this new homepage design into a series of experiments that let us more accurately measure the impact that the design had on user conversion.

We started by A/B testing a simplified version of the page with the aim of reducing cognitive load on users and putting a focus on the product. While we are obviously hoping to see an uplift in conversion rate, average order value, and click-through rate, for this first step we wanted to test that the simplified design did not have any negative impacts. The flat results from this first homepage test let us know that we had not removed any critical content. The following experiments focused on improving the homepage a section at a time, measuring impact as we went. Almost all these experiments showed an uplift in user engagement and conversion rate. The redesign of the top section of the page was the most successful experiment we ran.

+19.48% uplift in revenue+14.84% more users progressing all the way to the cart


V1CE continues to expand and diversify. Capitalising on several collaborations with recognisable brands like Space X and Jack Daniels, V1CE is exploring the B2C potential of their platform. The project with Eclipse has helped set a good groundwork for optimisation and we look forward to building on that as V1CE moves forward.