P&O Cruises reached out for some help in better applying CRO best practice to their user experience. Booking a cruise holiday online is to book a life experience, so it was hugely important to refine and optimise their user journey to ensure it was hitting the mark with what their customers, and potential customers, wanted to see.

Our work began with a deep UX audit, and followed with the implementation of the findings, using our CRO team. The audit uncovered some findings that were vital in improving their website performance, encouraging more completed processes (sales) and minimising unnecessary barriers – thus reducing the number of lost sales.

Key findings included issues with the mobile device experience, where the scroll navigation would disappear, making user experiences particularly difficult; visibility issues around typography and CTA buttons were identified and resultingly updated, as well as improvements to the search functionality. Hundreds of items were analysed, identified and implemented as part of their large and ongoing CRO strategy.