Cook wanted to improve the performance of their website through CRO. After extensive qualitative and quantitative research, this is a bit of a highlight of the outcome.

Refinement and re-ordering of additional information based on engagement levels and user testing.

Differences between servings was minimal, therefore a simpler way of displaying information and removing repetition made it easier to understand.

The same approach and removal of repetition was applied to the cooking instructions. Simple, quick-to-read instructions based on the size you order.

Adding how-to videos on to the product page included to highlight the simplicity of preparation.

Tighter integration of cross-sell and upsell opportunities, focussing on longer meal planning.


We decided to run moderated user testing sessions to understand how users were interacting with the site, and where the challenges were. These were a mix of personas that covered a large portion of Cook’s user base and consisted of users who both had and hadn’t booked from Cook previously.


Along with the redesigned components and structure, we also looked in to the new Christmas campaign. The idea was to create re-usable components that could launch at Christmas, but then be rolled out across more pages in the future.

Please note Robbie the rubber chicken didn’t make the ‘live’ site 🙂