ASOS were interested in diving deeper into understanding their customers buyer behaviours through biometric user research. Our labs team were deployed to test a number of ASOS customers using our key lab kit, including: facial emotional analysis, galvanic skin response (sweat receptor testing), mouse tracking, eye tracking and qualitative measures such as survey responses.
These customers were given specific tasks to perform on the ASOS website, that were representative of a typical user session. From tracking physiological responses to tasks, we were able to map out accurately for the client exactly where in the online journey their customers were experiencing particular emotional responses – such as anger, frustration or enjoyment.
Some of the key findings included:

1. Basket – delivery option cards (and delivery info icon) open up a new page leading to user confusion and the interruption of their journey.
2. Checkout – create account step error notifications obstruct the required input fields without the ability to easily remove, resulting in the user becoming frustrated due to the roadblock.
3. Users – expect their size to be pre-selected in the product details page if they used it to filter results on the product listing page.
4. Users – expressed frustration at not being able to see the applied filters on the PLP page.
5. The payment card number input field can be quite hard to follow for some users, with users receiving validation errors while trying to input.
6. Time – to checkout was marginally faster on competitor brands but this did add additional understanding of the products.