Monc is a family-owned eyewear company who pride themselves on being a zero waste business, who provide authentic italian, handcrafted eyewear. They wanted to explore the use of Augmented Reality on their site to encourage users try on glasses without having to physically visit their store.


I then decided to put a focus on the product page, given this is the area where we knew there was a vested interest in try-on services. It was important to make users aware of the service without forcing it upon them. One of the considerations here was how to best integrate the new functionality within the existing framework, without introducing significant development effort. This was a new experience for Monc, therefore we used an effort vs impact prioritisation model. We decided to focus on getting something ‘live’ quickly and exposing it to their customers.


The decision was made to use the 3D view as an entry-point in to the AR experience. Initial consideration was given to loading 3D by default, however it was agreed that this could interfere with the natural scrolling of the page.


  1. Access back to the main product page
  2. Snapping links to pre-set angles
  3. Entry point to AR
  4. An additional 'through the lens' feature we added was the idea of representing what it looked like looking through the lens. Monc offer a multitude of tinted lenses I decided we should offer a way to both represent both how they look on your face, and an idea of how they looked to the user wearing them.


A non-pressured approach was very important to them as a brand. They already offered a home try-on service, therefore we focussed on this area and changed to a combined try-on service.