Last month, five members of the Polish Joules project team made a flying visit to the UK. They took the opportunity to visit the client in Market Harborough and visit two of the Eclipse offices, London & Hurley.

By all accounts, it was an incredibly successful trip, enjoyed by all and they wanted to give us a little bit around what they got up to and how they found the experience.

Their first stop was the client visit.

Described by the team as their ‘most important and valuable visit’, it was a chance for the team, some of whom have been working with Joules for 2 years, to see each other face to face, for the very first time.

“We think that the visit was fruitful. There were finally occasions to discuss some topics that have been in our minds for some time, both urgent ones and some long-term solutions. It also allowed Joules to introduce some new faces. We think this visit has helped create a better working relationship for both of the companies. We’d like to see more of these visits happen, more often, including clients visiting the Wrocław office.”


Second, on the list was a trip to Hurley.

The team saw this as the ‘most important stop for our analysts’ but it was an opportunity for everyone to meet people they don’t usually have much contact with. And for most of the team, it was their first visit to the Eclipse office in the UK. It was a great chance to share ideas and thoughts during a coffee break.


Third, was the London office.

The London office impressed the team. They had a great time in the WeWork space and with the London team.

“We have to admit, the shared office Eclipse has in London, was a bit impressive. Having the opportunity to work in such a multi-company and multi-cultural place was inspiring and creative. The atmosphere of the office and London City can assure that our work is creative as well, we left feeling full of positive energy and an even more optimistic attitude”

Overall the trip was a huge success for all those involved and as they put it “Long story short, the visit was great, and we should do it more often”
– Ala, Ela,  Mikołaj, Grzesiek and Bartek


And from all the UK team, it was a pleasure having you all over with us.