UX can make or break the growth and success of your digital presence, and opportunities for customer retention. Whether that’s an online business, service area or app, your digital experience is a reflection on your business and will affect a users in engaging, or continuing to engage with you. Built on a data-led approach of experimentation and research we can identify exactly what your audience needs from your website, and direct areas of structure, navigation and flow to improve conversion rates and add to engagement levels and bottom line.



agile design process


The main thing to remember is that users don’t want to be told what they want – they know what they want and it’s up to you to make it as easy as possible. This user-centred approach design is, and has proven to be the cornerstone of any UX strategy.


There are multiple industry tools we use as part of our research process providing valuable data. This will include problem areas, site performance and opportunities.


We use tools like Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics to give us an insights to your users behaviour and flows on your site, as well as deep-dive quantitative data on which to base design decisions.


Google downgrades visibility of sites that haven’t been optimised for mobile devices. According to global stats, mobile is still generating the highest levels of traffic so if your site isn’t optimised for this, you could be missing out on significant gains. Device-use can vary based on industry and customer persona, but all this is taken in to account.


We provide qualitative as well as quantitative research to assess the information structure on your site. Whether an end-to-end flow, page hierarchy or individual CTA, we’ll analyse and provide a report which we can both send to you and present to directly to you to address any questions.


Once we have a full understanding of your flows, information architecture and page hierarchies, our expert team of UX designers and Optimisation Managers will get to work optimising your user experience. Starting with the hypothesis, using the report as a basis to working on, we’ll work collaboratively with you and provide a prototype to give you full clarity on the solution, before we implement and run the AB or multivariate test.


Our team will then implement these tests and monitor its performance throughout the whole test period. This enables us to catch any unexpected behaviours or identifiable patterns. In addition to this, we also have our own automated testing solution that provides learning’s fast.


Our job doesn’t end there, we will also provide detailed reporting with the test outcomes and provide additional insight to the results. This provides full clarity on to the success of the test and allows us to make great, continual improvements to your site.


At Eclipse we’ve got an incredibly talented, multi-award winning bunch of people ready to help you  and your business. Whether you’re looking to get started in understanding your customers or market, or just want some help to really understand your customers behaviour we’re the team for you. Reach and talk to us there’s not much that can’t be solved with a few cups of tea, some bright people and a whiteboard.