Our team of designers tackle every element of your website’s form and function. We will establish a clear design process, meet deadlines, and delivers a digital experience that not only looks beautiful but converts your users to customers. As part of a larger development company, we will help you build a high performing product or service easily whilst providing insight and collaborative ideation along the way.


Our UX services help improve the performance of our customers’ sites through research, competitor analysis, innovative thinking and experience. Whether it’s simply a prototype, short-term support or a complete website or app design, our expert team can help deliver a first-rate digital experience to your users to a minimum AA accessibility standard.

Ensuring designs are based on a solid foundation of quantitative and qualitative research,  we create digital experiences that delight users and interact with confidence. We don’t believe it’s just about ‘making it work’, it’s about creating amazing customer experiences which sometimes means pushing designs to the next level. We will always be looking to enhance and improve the user experience, with the end goal of converting more users to customers and increasing customer stickiness.


Sometimes problems on your site aren’t obvious, sometimes they are. If you need some more insight into where the potential problem areas of your site are we can provide a thorough UX and/or analytics audit along with competitor analysis to advise where we believe your attention is best spent. We can provide a deep dive view into your site and a view of time vs effort vs impact to ensure you can make fully informed decisions whilst minimising risk to your existing site.

All audits will be followed by a comprehensive report or observations and suggestions that can be shared across your business, creating a development backlog which we can fully support you with.



Do you have an idea but don’t really know where to start? Whichever stage you’re at, be it early stage ideation or research, all the way through to prototyping, user testing or build, we can join you on that journey to help understand your market and your customer and work closely with you, to design a product that will deliver, and exceed your expectation. Validating all decisions along the way we can also help you build and launch into the market. 

We can provide competitor analysis and help design a product that doesn’t just match the market, but exceeds the expectations of your users. Even with the greatest idea in the world, the experience a user has with a new product to market can be the make or break to its success, so we can help you reach your product’s potential.


Our team can work with you and your team to ideate, support and steer your UX challenges in the right direction. With an ambitious yet pragmatic approach to brainstorms, workshops and hypothesis generation our primary goal is to deliver you the best value and return on your ambition and business direction.

We can even provide short-term support to your existing team with extra design resource, direction or ideation. Our team are both fully versed with best practice approaches, as well as bursting full of new ideas that can excite and delight users, so if you need a little helping hand, reach out and we’re more than happy to help in any we can.


Whether it’s working with an existing design system, or developing a completely new one, our UI experts can create beautiful and well-considered designs that you can be proud of. Maintaining, enhancing and developing design systems are something we do day to day all to AA accessibility standards and across multiple devices. Maybe you have an existing wireframe or product but don’t know how best to update or apply your brand, our UI experts can help you create a digital experience that hits all your business objectives and champions your brand.

The use of interactive components, white space, colour, content and component hierarchy are all considered in all design decisions. With a focus on displaying the right information and the right AMOUNT of information at the right time we will ensure key information is clear and easy to identify, whilst components will consistently scale/stack across multiple devices to provide a seamless user experience.


  • Designed from data and a thorough understanding of your customer and business goals
  • Hypothesis generation and validation
  • Low and high fidelity Prototyping
  • AA accessibility as standard
  • Work with you and not for you
  • Creation of design patterns, component libraries and style guides
  • Ensuring consistency across your digital estate


At Eclipse we’ve got an incredibly talented, multi-award winning bunch of people ready to help you  and your business. Whether you’re looking to get started in understanding your customers or market, or just want some help to really understand your customers behaviour we’re the team for you. Reach and talk to us there’s not much that can’t be solved with a few cups of tea, some bright people and a whiteboard.