CRO is imperative when it comes to improving site performance and ensuring your website is working as hard as it can to provide return on your business objectives. At Eclipse, we have an experienced team of experts who can guarantee increased conversion rates and are happy share their knowledge along the way. We do it all, from A/B and multivariate testing, journey analysis and UX audits, to customer feedback and cart abandonment analysis.

Lab process


Every client that we work with goes through our conversion optimisation journey. Our CRO process is optimised and data backed. We highlight the best opportunities which are planned, researched, wire-framed, prototyped and a/b or multivariate tested, for the best results and maximum impact.


We have a number of approaches to our user research and one of the key parts of those is using leading Biometric technology.

Our Lab analyses thousands of data points from a sub set of users, looking at anything ranging from emotions; stress & arousal to eye tracking. We don’t stop there. We use a variety of tools to collect user data on a larger scale, as well as talking to your customers.

Lab sample


Once we’ve collected our qualitative data, it’s goes off to analysis. Our team of CRO experts pick through thousands of cells of data to form a number on potential testing opportunities. On average we discover 80 potential tests from a Biometric Lab session.


Our Designers take the data insight and create winning designs. We work closely with you and the insight we’ve gathered to hypothesise, design and build interactive prototypes that address the problems discovered through our research.


Time to test our ideas through A/B or Multivariate Testing. We’ve analysed the data, worked together to agree a series of tests to run, now it’s time to test. We perform A/B or Multivariate testing to gain maximum impact. As soon as we gain statistical significance will we look to begin developing the winning tests on your site.


We helped Recruitment Company HR GO increase gross profit by over £700k in just 4 weeks. We partnered with Sentient using their Ascend platform to run tests we’d uncovered through our Biometric research. This fantastic combination of expert individuals and cutting edge technology led to unprecedented success for HR GO Recruitment.


At Eclipse we’ve got an incredibly talented, multi-award winning bunch of people ready to help you  and your business. Whether you’re looking to get started in understanding your customers or market, or just want some help to really understand your customers behaviour we’re the team for you. Reach and talk to us there’s not much that can’t be solved with a few cups of tea, some bright people and a whiteboard.