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Eclipse at Metapack Partner Day 2016

Our own Head of Commerce Services, Rob Grinnell, was invited to present at the MetaPack Partner Day at the The British Library in London on Thursday 20th October 2016.

The objective of the day was to take a closer look at how “Delivery” is impacting the behaviour of online shoppers and to help retailers understand how best to integrate “Delivery” as part of the eCommerce journey.

Rob’s presentation focused on the various integration touchpoints through the Customer journey, highlighting where Delivery is being used to add value.

Through the presentation Rob was able to demonstrate how the implementation of a great Delivery proposition enabled retailers to differentiate their brand, convert customers, and build loyalty by understanding who their Customers were, what they desired and then presenting options that were both relevant and convenient.

This year the event had 100 people registered, including representatives from:

Retailers: Arcadia, Boots, BT, Canon, Homebase, Sainsbury, Menzies,, Office Depot, The Body Shop, Walt Disney, Yoox.

Partners: Accenture, Advanced Supply Chain, Arvato, Blackbay, Clipper Logistics, DHL Supply Chain, E-Gistics, IBM, K&N, Logopak, Paragon, Pelepod, Peoplevox, UTL, Whistl, XPO Logistics.