Eclipse Achieves SAP® Gold Partner Status

It brings us great pleasure to announce that Eclipse has been achieved SAP® Gold partner status in the SAP® PartnerEdge® program. This is an awesome achievement and clear indication of the high level of quality that we at Eclipse provide to our clients within the world of SAP solutions. 

SAP® PartnerEdge® Gold Partners are performing at a high level across their entire business and illustrate a strong commitment to delivering business value to their clients. SAP® allocate points for competency and strategic alignment and partners are evaluated on a yearly basis and cannot achieve gold status on business performance or size of customer base alone. 



“Moving to Gold status is proof of the successful partnership we have with SAP®, a company that we work with creating future-proof solutions for our clients. It means a lot to us not just because it shows clients how strong our SAP® practice is, but there are also many benefits to being a Gold Partner, and those will benefit our present and future clients.” 

Perm Ghattaura | Sales and Marketing Director | Eclipse 


As an SAP® partner, Eclipse has access to tools, training, resources, and benefits to deliver the solutions and services that clients demand. The SAP® PartnerEdge program provides the enablement tools, benefits, and support to facilitate building high-quality, customer experience focused solutions that any business of today needs – quickly and cost-effectively.


"It is a testament to your hard work, dedication and a real go and drive you guys have that has got you to this status. [We have] Thoroughly enjoyed working with you [and look forward to] the continued success for 2022 and beyond!"

Paul Walter | Partner Business Manager | SAP® UK & Ireland 


If you’d like to find out how Eclipse and SAP® can help your business succeed in 2022, reach out to us via our contact form and we’ll get right back to you. There’s not much that can’t be solved with a few cups of tea, some bright people and a (currently virtual) whiteboard. 

Introducing our New Podcast - 15 Minutes With

We're excited to announce that we're almost ready to release the first episode of our new podcast, 15 Minutes With. We've been working hard in the background to line up an amazing selection of guest speakers who will bring their experience, expertise and insights to you the listeners.

What we have for you right now, is the trailer for the podcast. It will introduce you to the host and give you a little background about why we decided to create a podcast and what you can expect from the upcoming episodes.

Where will you be able to listen?

We are going to be publishing each episode, along with a full transcript of the episode, right here on our blog but you'll also be able to listen to it via your favourite podcast app. 15 Minutes With will be published to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Amazon Music to name just a few, but you can find a link to all the apps where you can access the podcast and listen online if you like at the podcast website, right here.

We look forward to welcoming you all to each and every episode but for now, here is our trailer.


Introducing 15 Minutes With


Want to be featured on the Podcast?

We're always looking for new industry experts to speak to and if you think you've got some great insights that you'd like to share with our audience, reach out to us via our contact page and we'll get back to you to arrange an intro call.


Graham  00:15

Welcome to 15 minutes with, I'm Graham, one of the CO hosts at Eclipse I am the Head of Brand and creative.

Shelley  00:21

And I am Shelly. I am the Head of Product Marketing at Eclipse, we are really excited to welcome you to our podcast 15 minutes. Basically what the podcast is all about is our interest in brand experience. We have all had experiences good and bad in our lives as consumers. If you think of stepping foot in Disneyland, from the first step to the very last, that brand experience is consistent no matter where and no matter when that experience takes place. It's the same thing when you visit McDonald's, whether it's in the UK, whether it's in Japan, or anywhere else that that experience might be. But now experiences are having to translate into the digital sphere. And this is what we're particularly interested in. So we are very, very excited to be speaking to industry leaders from all different brands, about how they translate those experiences to really create something special online

Graham  01:16

At Eclipse as an agency, we are data driven in the decisions that we make. We don't always do things based on gut feeling. Gut feeling has, you know, as in business that always has been to play with it. But we believe that data and insights are the key drivers to ultimate success. And it comes in multiple forms. It's not just numbers and statistics, it's insights from, as Shelley said, industry leaders, people that have experienced the things that have driven the change in the industry. And it goes well beyond the accelerated change that we've all seen as a result of the pandemic, the pandemic has pushed a lot of people further along the line. But for a lot of these people that have been super successful, they've been doing it for a long time, they've seen the change coming and started to turn the cogs of change so that when something like this happened, or when they wanted to do an acceleration of they were perfectly placed to be able to do it. And by us having these conversations, we wanted to have these conversations ourselves as a business, we want to talk to these people and find out what are they done? How would they've been successful? And how could we take that insight and not only applied to us as a business, but to our clients, we then realised very quickly that actually these conversations would be of interest to a much wider audience. And when it comes to kind of translating a message, you've got a couple of options. You can write them down and stick them on a blog. Or you can record them and put them out as a podcast. And we felt that a podcast like this is a far more engaging medium. It's an opportunity for you to hear from these people in their own words. And it's just a chance to put information into the world in a way that multiple people can engage with it.

Shelley  03:00

So where do we go from here, we are talking to some incredible speakers that we already have lined up. And we have decided to keep 15 minutes with short, sharp, sweet and to the point. So every single episode is going to be jam packed with interesting conversation from interesting people. And every single one of them is going to have insights, tips, actionable pointers, for listeners to be able to actually apply.

Graham  03:26

And if you'd like to join us on 15 minutes with you can reach out to us either via the contact page on our website. Or you can reach out to either myself or Shelley directly on LinkedIn.

Shelley  03:35

So keep an eye out on our LinkedIn page for our very first episode, which is going to be launching very shortly. We're very excited to be able to introduce our very first speaker who is under wraps for now. So we look forward to seeing you there.

Graham  03:50

Yeah, absolutely. Thank you in advance

Eclipse Becomes an Atlassian Solution Partner

Eclipse, a UK and Poland based digital commerce agency with proven experience in building, supporting, and enhancing exceptional customer experiences by creating end to end digital journeys for retailers has joined the Atlassian Solution Partner program as a Silver Partner.

Eclipse not only uses the Atlassian product suite in their business to manage everything from their day to day to large scale development projects, they support their clients with setup and training and have also developed Add-Ons available in the Atlassian Marketplace.

“As a Silver Solution Partner, we’re committed to championing Atlassian product development tools that complement our consulting, implementation, and integration services,” said Tim Stainthorpe, Client Services Director at Eclipse. “Companies need to be able to collaborate efficiently whilst being remote now more than ever. We are making it easier for our clients to do just that by leveraging our development knowledge to customise Atlassian products to meet specific needs.”

Atlassian’s Solution Partner program levels recognise depth of expertise and experience with Atlassian products. As a Silver Partner, Eclipse is considered a niche consulting company with specialised knowledge and can offer administrative and implementation services.

For more information about the wide array of service offerings from Eclipse, you can contact us here.


About Eclipse

Eclipse works with Mid-size and Enterprise clients that understand that customer experience is the key to driving continued business growth. At Eclipse we make good things happen through Digital Strategy, Digital Transformation, Customer Experience, Design, Development, Augmented Reality, and Consultancy. By putting data and your customers at the heart of every strategy, design, and experience decision we can create more personalised experiences that make a genuine difference.

Woman paying with card on laptop

Eclipse Partners with Adyen as SAP Commerce Implementation Specialists

It brings us incredible pleasure to announce that Eclipse and Adyen have formed a new partnership to enable more businesses to take advantage of the amazing benefits that come along with using Adyen as your payment solutions provider.


Founded in 2006, Adyen was built with the aim of helping businesses to grow. The existing payments technology consisted of a patchwork of systems built on outdated infrastructure and the co-founders set out to build a platform capable of meeting the rapidly evolving needs of today's fast-growing global businesses.


Today Adyen is the payments platform of choice for many of the world’s leading companies, providing a modern end-to-end infrastructure connecting directly to Visa, Mastercard, and consumers' globally preferred payment methods. Adyen delivers frictionless payments across online, mobile, and in-store channels. With offices across the world, Adyen serves customers including Facebook, Uber, Spotify, Casper, Bonobos and L'Oréal.

Adyen’s focus is on building a modern infrastructure directly connected to card networks and local payment methods across the world, allowing for unified commerce and providing shopper data insights to merchants. The Adyen platform enables merchants to accept payments in a single system, enabling revenue growth online, on mobile devices and at the point of sale.

Eclipse has been an SAP VAR (value added reseller) since 2019 and in that time, we’ve worked with many well-known and well-respected brands in the UK, developing their eCommerce offering on the SAP Hybris and now SAP Commerce Cloud platform.

Experts in the building and implementation of the SAP Commerce platform, Eclipse unlocks trading potential and turn ambition to reality. Across our UK and Polish offices, we employ certified specialists in operations, project management, analysis, development, user experience, conversion rate optimisation, design, testing and scrum technologies; to mention just the tip of the iceberg.

For our most recent implementation of Adyen into SAP Commerce we worked with an influential fashion retailer to replace their previous payments provider to allow them better integrations with their systems and the launch of their marketplace. The payment requirements that a marketplace has for any retailer are not met by all those who offer payment solutions.

This has proved highly successful and they’ve been able to offer their customers a much wider choice of ways to pay, making the shopping experience better than ever before.

We’re geared up and ready to work with all businesses looking to expand into new markets with local acquiring and payment methods and who want to optimise each transaction, increase conversions, and drive revenue. Our expertise compliment those of Adyen with our experience team devoted to improving your customers shopping experience through creating better designed interactions, finding opportunities for better conversion and enhancing the overall experience with the use of augmented reality.

We’re here to work with you to get the best out of your eCommerce and with the help of Adyen, we can take your entire experience to the next level, delighting your customers at each step of the shopping journey. Reach out to us and we can get the conversation started.

Magento poland 2020 banner

We Need Your Votes!

Our incredible Magento team need your votes. They’ve entered two topics into this year’s Meet Magento Poland, and the topics that receive the highest number of votes, will get the opportunity to present. This year’s event is taking place online, as you might expect, on the 27th of October.

Meet Magento is an international conference organised in over 40 countries. In Poland, it has been held since 2012 as Meet Magento Poland. It gathers Magento specialists and enthusiasts in some of the country’s most prestigious locations.

It’s the biggest event of this type in Poland and Middle-Eastern Europe. At Meet Magento, business meets technology and innovations interlace with past implementations. It’s a space for an exchange of experiences and for expanding your contact list.


And This Year They’re Doing Things A Little Different

2020 is the year of turning everything on its head and they’re doing exactly that to the conference - for the very first time, the event will be accessible to anyone.

And this year, the tickets are free of charge but at the same time, you also have an option to pay any amount of money you'd like, and all proceeds will go to a charitable cause. We will reveal the cause we’ve picked soon!

The ticket gives you access to the conference, networking, all the discussion panels and conference recordings.


Our Topics To Vote On

As mentioned before, we’ve entered two topics and you’re able to vote for both at the same time!

You’ll just need to create a quick account to drop in your votes and then you’re free to click that little thumbs up button and send your votes our way. Just below we’ve outlined our topics, so you know which ones to vote for.


Topic 1.


Forget about app/code! Go "full composer"!
Why would you want to use only composer repository as a source of own code in Magento 2 Project?

  • How does it change the release process?
  • How does it change dev-team thinking?
  • What are the pitfalls of such an approach?
  • What is great about using meta-package?
  • How does it work with 3rd party extensions?
    Hear about our case study and do ask questions.


Topic 2.


In the world of eCommerce, consumer demand for a better online experience and an evolving market has led businesses to look for a new way to offer a unique shopping experience. Augmented reality (AR) is that way. It’s a game-changer for both you and your customers and you don't want to miss out.

  1. COVID-19 has driven demand for AR in E-Commerce
  2. Bridging Online and In-Store
  3. Benefits of AR in eCommerce
  4. Using AR in eCommerce
  5. Why web AR is the future
  6. Using AR to lift your UX
  7. Summary


Handily, they’re right underneath each other in the list, so it’ll be easy to vote for both at the same time.

Click the image to leave your votes and whilst you’re there, why not share it on your social for us too. And now that you’re signed up, you can get your tickets for the event.

Thanks for taking the time to head over and for giving us your vote.

Yale number pad

New UK Yale Store launched by Eclipse.

It brings us great pleasure to announce that today the Team at Eclipse successfully launched the new Yale online store, built on Magento Commerce. It’s the result of some excellent work during a difficult time in the world, proving that an incredible team, dedicated to what they do, can achieve excellence, no matter the circumstances.


Yale, part of Assa Abloy, is one of the world’s oldest lock manufacturers with 180 years of history. Started by Linus Yale Jnr, the inventor of the pin tumbler lock and Henry R Towne, they created locks for safes, bank vaults, doors, windows and even for Rolls Royce. Their securities arm also develop products for fire alarm systems, burglar alarms and glass break detectors.


Starting the Journey

Earlier this year Assa Abloy UK approached Eclipse as a potential partner to work on the delivery of a new Direct to Consumer store for Yale UK. They had an existing transactional store on Open Source Magento as well as a separate brochure store, however they wanted to consolidate onto Magento Commerce and build a platform that would enable them to grow.


A Challenging Discovery

As we all know now, Coronavirus came along and proved a challenge for everyone in business. It was difficult as we had to run our full Discovery workshops entirely remotely in late March and during April. This meant bringing in technology to replace the usual face to face workshops, with the aim not to miss anything or lose any nuanced information that can be spotted when working closely with new clients.

We spent some time working out how best to approach this and realised shorter focused meetings was the way to go. Luckily, we had the opportunity to have a Mini Discovery before the pandemic took hold which allowed us to focus on core topics so we could cover what we needed to in a series of 1.5-hour Teams meetings. Never more than 3 per day to give everyone some time to escape!


Lightweight and Agile

At Eclipse, we work with agile processes and working in a now utterly remote team created challenges, but we overcame them.

Magento showed its capabilities early in the project as we had real product data and a functional website to work from very early in the process. And working closely with Yale's Product Owner and business team meant their priorities were considered daily in planning our work.

We delivered the completed project to the agreed timescale and learnt some valuable lessons along the way.


Working with Eclipse

Our Magento practice always aims to grow and learn from every project we successfully complete, Yale is no exception. We have had the opportunity to build the foundations of an international site, with rich functionality from extensions, our own development, and collaborative design.

For anyone looking to re-platform, build a new store or upgrade from Magento 1 to Magento 2, Eclipse should be your partner of choice.

We’ve tailored a solution for everyone, no matter where the start point in the market. It’s just about picking the right one for you, then we can get together and get you accelerated toward success.

Take a look at our Magento Packages and then reach out to us. We can talk about how Eclipse can get you moving quickly and growing fast.