Impartial, agnostic solutions based on 15 years of hosting experience.

Backed by years of Data Centre experience and our very own Eclipse Commerce Cloud, we can truly claim to be solution agnostic.

We provide impartial advice on the best hosting options for our clients; whether that’s on-premise or cloud-based. Our team of hosting experts provide 24-hour monitoring to ensure optimum continuity, performance and security.

Heritage in hosting

Over 15-years’ experience in data centres has honed our experience and skills in what makes a great hosting partner. We can smooth your migration from SAP on-premise to the latest SAP Commerce Cloud solution. Or we can offer the benefits of the latest cloud functionality whilst retaining your on-premise licences.

Credible, discovery-led and impartial advice supported by technical brilliance. We’ll help you make the right decision.

Elastic, scalable solutions

If a move to the cloud seems like a daunting prospect, we’re the perfect partner for you. We’ve got the technical know-how and the experience to make a seamless transition to SAP Commerce Cloud.

For many of our clients, the increased implementation speed, elasticity and scalability offered by SAP Cloud Commerce is simply a must have. Rapid response to trading demand, speed to market, flexibility, optimisation for omni-channel and always-up-to-date, combine to make it a compelling offer.

But it’s not for everyone. If you’d prefer to retain your SAP on-premise licence while enjoying all the benefits of cloud hosting, we’ve got just the thing.

Eclipse Cloud

Our strong heritage in hosting led to us develop our own bespoke cloud platform. Created solely with our clients’ needs in mind, the Eclipse Cloud gives you all the scalable and elastic benefits of cloud hosting, but crucially allows you to retain your existing SAP on-premise licence.

Our tech experts will tell you that our cloud is built on AWS, with Kubernetes and Docker to leverage all the benefits that containerisation offers users. Put simply, Eclipse Cloud offers you a viable cloud alternative and those same experts will ensure you enjoy a pain-free, seamless transition.

Whatever your needs and future plans, we’re here to make sure that hosting is one less thing for you to worry about.


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