The focus of retailers today is targeted on achieving a single view of Customer such that any interaction with the Customer provides a relevant and consistent experience that actively supports and promotes the retailers brand across all touchpoints, whether online or offline.

Under the banners of Customer Experience and Omni-Channel a number of strategies are available to enable retailers to present a commerce solution that delivers on the 2 fronts; where omni-channel can be seen as the operational ability of the retailer to fulfil a Customer’s request and Customer Experience is focused on the presentation and delivery of the retailer’s products and services in a manner that is in line with the Customer’s expectations via the channel they select; online (desktop, mobile, email, etc.) or offline (bricks & mortar, phone, etc.).

With the clear focus on Customer Experience delivered in a world of continual Digital Commerce innovation, the winners will be those that are able to pragmatically adapt their businesses to meet ever increasing demands from their Customers at a time when new retailers are entering the market with strategies that are intentionally disruptive.

Relevant and consistent experiences are based on understanding, analytics and the application of the solutions that actively engage customers and empower employees via whichever touchpoint they choose to interact with the retailer. Recognising the scale of data available and the resulting analysis required, finding technological solutions that learn and modify dynamically means that experiences will be relevant and consistent at all times across every interaction with the Customer, presenting a highly personalised offer.

The diagram highlights some of the key areas that need to be incorporated in to any Digital Commerce strategy to enable the successful delivery of an Omni-Channel proposition that is focused on Customer Experience, irrespective of touchpoint.


In the connected world we live in, with the ever increasing expectations and demands of consumers, it is important that everything we do is focused on the Customer and the presentation of consistent and relevant experiences across a growing number of different interfaces and devices.

This is only going to increase as the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes a reality and part of everyday life. Having an Omni-Channel strategy in place that is future proof (as far is possible) will be key for any retailer to be able to respond to the changing commerce landscape.

Customer Experience

The way that a consumer interacts with a retailer is what ultimately drives the likelihood of whether they become a Customer or not and the overall value of the relationship during their lifetime. A number of factors influence this relationship and can be managed through various approaches, services and technologies.


The goal of any Omni-Channel proposition is to have a single view of the core elements that drive the retailer in its engagement with its Customers, alongside a single set of processes that are in place to manage and expose those core elements at the right time, in the right way, to the right touchpoint and ultimately meet the expectations of the Customer.


All systems, processes, data and capabilities should be optimised to deliver a consistent, relevant and accurate view; aimed squarely at the consumer, with the objective of supporting and promoting the brand to convert them to a Customer with the highest lifetime value – ultimately they become a brand advocate.

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