Dynatrace is the leader in Digital Performance Management.

Dynatrace AppMon provides deep application monitoring through the entire software life cycle, if you host with Eclipse this is built into our solution to enable Eclipse to respond quickly to availability and performance problems.

Dynatrace UEM provides deep customer monitoring across all channels. It enables Eclipse to monitor the activity of all your mobile and web application users, across all devices and browsers, analyzing the data in real-time to assess user satisfaction.

Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring simulates customer journeys from thousands of locations around the world. Synthetic monitoring allows Eclipse to simulate web visits and mobile app usage build a baseline performance profile, benchmark your site’s performance directly against your competition to know exactly where you stand and spot changes in the performance profile of the site before your customers.

Eclipse’s partnership with Dynatrace allows us to incorporate their solutions into our managed services offerings whether you are hosting with Eclipse or with a 3rd party hosting provider.